Mission Statement

We believe that the development and maintenance of software systems is a disciplined and systematic process. As with other forms of engineering, systems developed in software require three sets of activity to ensure success:
1) Reliable Methods
Different problems require different methods for their solution. Our professional software engineers are not restricted to any one method to the exclusion of others. For each project the appropriate method is selected.
2) Project Management
Every project is different. However, all projects have similar needs; defined and agreed deliverables, unambiguous milestones, clear lines of authority and accountability, monitoring and control procedures, continual assessment of risks with strong, appropriate avoiding action.
3) Total Quality Management
The management and control of the software development process are of crucial importance. Formal reviewing of all deliverables, audit trails of the development process, and external checks on the progress of the project all combine to ensure that systems perform as required on delivery, with low maintenance and enhancement costs.